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Prismatic floats a clear cylinder through an obscured prism that masks structure within. Composed from various acrylic profiles, the pendant utilises an industrial diffuser for its primary volume, allowing light to project through lenses on all faces



A series of saturated swirls, twists and turns. Of rotations, tessellations and abstractions – a modern take on an iconic Californian modernism. With shapes projected through colour for a range of settings, SUPERGRAPHICS is a bespoke collection by Studio Shand for Cadrys

Full collection accessible here

Float Mirror


Lucite inventiveness meets Hollywood Regency, Float Mirror encases a silver mirror within an acrylic cylinder, partially routed to ‘float’ the reflective surface within

Basket 11


Our take on a five-sided storage box, these baskets angle their side faces downwards to meet an inset base. With two alternating materials offering varying levels of transparency, exposed edges are polished to provide a mirror-like sheen

Chair 68


A new chair born from a study of classics – Chair 68 combines walnut, wool and acrylic to playful effect. Tapered legs suspend an irregular fascia which conceals a seat within, upholstered and angled for comfort. Radiused frames are braced by a cylindrical bar – a key quirk that lends dynamism to the object and serves as a little carry handle



1990 is a little side table we designed to seamlessly interlock with no mechanical or adhered joints. Intersecting, asymmetric legs project upwards, presenting as a polished angle that sits flush with the top and locks all components in place



The key to Pocket’s form is its simplicity: a triangle bound by a circle sits on a set of rectangles, all interlocked to ease fabrication, transport and install. A detailed look at structure and volume provides the design’s key feature: a central compartment that offers storage for magazines, games and stationery

Shortlisted for an IDEA Award 2021

Pebble Planters


A family of cylindrical planters of concrete construction with a throwback finish: a mix of pebbles trowelled evenly over all surfaces



Twofold is a new table of aluminium construction designed to sit low to the floor. Composed of two interlocking components that are waterjet cut, welded and slotted, Twofold’s form is simple. Dynamism is created through varied surface treatment – its top both brushed and polished to a mirror finish to appear as two different materials.