Magic Rails


We were commissioned to design and fabricate a set of bespoke shopfittings for Christopher Esber’s first in-store experience in Paddington, Sydney. The hanging rail system we developed utilises a welded aluminium frame supported by a pair of floating acrylic feet, drilled and tapped to level and brace⁣
Designer | Studio Shand⁣⁣
Fabricator |⁣⁣ APM Australia

Table Service


Table Service evokes a classic mid-century era–a time of smoke-filled rooms and verve when the table setting was king.

Created by Studio Shand for families big, small, old and young–the collection ranges from cake stands through to puzzles and showcases our love of tactile acrylics. This touch point provides a retro-futuristic aesthetic, delivered through a family of crystalline objects designed and made through simple shaping, familiar materiality and care.




Textile design (in production)



A new chair born from a study of classics – Clearview combines domestic and industrial materiality for playful effect. Tapered legs sail beyond an angled seat and ply frames are bridged by a dowel pair that allows a PVC sling to wrap and zip to the rear

Gallery Stations


For the recently opened Michael Reid Art Bar we custom designed tables to serve as plinths and workstations within the space. Galvanised profiles with exposed connections provide framing to suspend mirror glass tops that float neatly within

Designer | Studio Shand
Fabricator | APM Australia

Prismatic Tip


A modern take on the classic piggy bank, thermally treated acrylic bends around a chunky base plate with apertures to hold profiles which – when assembled – provide volumes for coins and notes

Prismatic Pendant


Prismatic floats a clear cylinder through an obscured prism that masks structure within. Composed from various acrylic profiles, the pendant utilises an industrial diffuser for its primary volume, allowing light to project through lenses on all faces



A series of saturated swirls, twists and turns. Of rotations, tessellations and abstractions – a modern take on an iconic Californian modernism. With shapes projected through colour for a range of settings, SUPERGRAPHICS is a bespoke collection by Studio Shand for Cadrys

Full collection accessible here

Float Mirror


Lucite inventiveness meets Hollywood Regency, Float Mirror encases a silver mirror within an acrylic cylinder, partially routed to ‘float’ the reflective surface within

Basket 11


Our take on a five-sided storage box, these baskets angle their side faces downwards to meet an inset base. With two alternating materials offering varying levels of transparency, exposed edges are polished to provide a mirror-like sheen